5 ways to be the most confident woman in ANY room.

5 Ways to be the MOST CONFIDENT WOMAN in ANY room. Confidence is life. Let’s just start there. Confidence will make yo ass or break yo ass. Really. I weigh more than most of my followers and I have women half my size asking me how to gain confidence. First I’m all, “wait, I’m confident?!”… Continue reading 5 ways to be the most confident woman in ANY room.

Comfortable with discomfort.

Comfortable with discomfort We live in a pill popping, wine drinking, don’t talk about it society. Dealing with discomfort isn’t a lesson we normally teach our kids. We try to cushion every possible blow that could come their way. However, being comfortable with discomfort is the key to success in today’s world. If you can… Continue reading Comfortable with discomfort.

Make Mama Happy

This week I was riding to a client’s house. Missy Elliott comes on the radio. Oh baby I’m ready. Is it worth it? Can I still work it? Yaaaassssss honey, that beat drops and I commence to killing it. Right on I24. Slayyyyyying then...*CRACK*. My neck. No no no. Not ‘my neck, my back’...not a… Continue reading Make Mama Happy


#MeThree Me too: The sexual harassment movement. Me three: the sexual harassment movement for low income individuals. We’ve heard of all the high class women getting sexually harassed by billionaires and millionaires and Pill Cosbys. We are working under a president who boasts about grabbing women by the genitals just because he can. Wealth is… Continue reading #MeThree


Walked up into church yesterday. Dressed like we were straight up outta the JC Penny catalog. Kids lookin fly. My hair was like that gospel song, “I shall not be moved.” Shaved almost half my legs. Spanks on from my throat to my thighs. Kids were still buzzed off 5am bunny baskets. Life was good.… Continue reading Fat